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A Unique Approach

Our approach to investment and development is entrepreneurial and somewhat contrarian, always on the search for diamonds in the rough that have been overlooked or ignored by others.


We specialize in utilizing local, state and federal economic incentive programs, including, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), public-private partnerships (P3), New Markets Tax Credits, Opportunity Zones, PACE, and other programs, to develop properties located in areas we believe will experience significant growth over the next 7-10 years. It is this skillset that allows us to find 'diamonds in the rough' and create substantial value for our investment partners, while also meeting our mission of revitalizing communities.  


Catalyst Asset Management is a real estate investment, management and development firm focused on market rate multifamily, affordable and workforce housing, and mixed-use properties in the Southeast United States. We specialize in identifying opportunities where local, state, and federal incentives can be utilized to mitigate risk and enhance investment returns. These incentives, often structured as public-private partnerships, allow us to develop large-scale projects that create jobs and produce much needed housing, thus acting as a catalyst for economic development and additional growth within these communities. 


Catalyst is organized as a benefit corporation (B Corp) with a mandate to include positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment, in addition to profit, as part of our legally defined goals. As such, we evaluate each project and transaction based on the potential economic returns, social impact, and use of environmentally sustainable products and design.



We target investment opportunities that have the potential to yield attractive returns, meet our long-term plan, and have a positive social impact in line with our mission- Joseph Bonora, President


We take a very hand-on approach to development, handling all aspects of the development process, from site selection and entitlement through completion of construction and stabilization. 

We target investment opportunities that have the potential to be catalytic, yield attractive returns, and align with our mission. These opportunities require underwriting expertise, financial ingenuity, and a deep understanding of how to use complex financial structures that combine multiple sources of capital. It is this comprehensive and fundamental understanding of finance that allows us to identify and execute on opportunities that others fail to see and execute on complicated transactions that many others could not.

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