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Catalyst focuses on the development of transformational Mixed-Use and Class A multifamily communities that bring vibrancy and excitement to urban areas. 


We are treasure hunters, looking for diamonds in the rough. Our true expertise is our ability to see beauty and potential where others see blight, and use our creativity to design remarkable living spaces and experiences that promote well-being, connectivity, and a true sense of place and home. 


Since 2013, the principals of Catalyst have developed over 1,300 residential apartment units in Florida, with an additional 600 units in the pipeline, as well as seniors housing, retail, and commercial properties. As we evolve as an organization, our plan is to continue our focus on urban infill development and redevelopment opportunities, and develop new relationships with local governments and government agencies, capital providers, commercial brokers, and joint venture partners in order to expand our reach and grow our portfolio. 

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